Meet Dr. Arjang Yazdani

B.Sc., M.D., FRCSC

Dr. Arjang Yazdani, BSc, MD, FRCSC, is a Royal College-certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. His practice offers a complete range of cosmetic services, spanning surgical to non-surgical. The surgical practice includes all types of surgical cosmetic procedures, including facial, breast and body contouring plastic surgery. Complementing these services are non-surgical treatments, including injectables, laser treatments, facials and skincare, as well as non-surgical body treatments.

Dr. Ajang Yazdani in a white surgical coat with his arms folded

Many doctors advertise surgical cosmetic services, but only Plastic Surgeons offer the highest possible standard of expertise. Plastic Surgeons in Canada are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons only after completing a rigorous qualification process, including a five-year residency training program and a comprehensive set of written and oral examinations focused in the plastic surgery specialty.

After completing his residency training at Western University in 2006, Dr. Yazdani undertook his Fellowship training in Dallas, learning from some of the world’s most renowned Plastic Surgeons. He then returned to Canada to start his reconstructive plastic surgery practice in London at LHSC’s Victoria Hospital. Currently an Associate Professor at Western University, he has published scholarly papers in international medical journals on facial cosmetic surgery. He is also a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Yazdani serves as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the London Health Sciences Centre, and the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at Western University.

Dr. Yazdani brings the highest level of plastic surgery expertise to his patients’ treatment and the students and surgeons he trains.

"My staff and I are committed to making sure that your aftercare is successful, your healing is smooth, and that you achieve the kind of results you were hoping for."

- Dr. Yazdani

My Approach

Understanding Your Objectives

If you are contemplating aesthetic treatments, I believe you should first consider how you perceive yourself and what your objectives are. That might be difficult, because although you might feel that something is wrong, you may not be able to identify exactly what concerns you about your appearance. Most patients don’t come in asking for a specific operation—but do have an issue they want to improve. This is where we work together to develop a treatment plan that will specifically address your concerns.

One Size Does Not Fit All

I believe in building a personalized treatment plan for you designed to meet your goals efficiently and effectively. It is my job to understand your aesthetic goals and educate you on the best options for you—and not your friends or neighbours. Everyone’s body is different, and therefore the treatment options vary too. By offering both surgical and non-surgical services in my clinic, I can confidently provide a number of options, and together we work on a realistic plan tailored specifically for you.

Continual Support

We have a long and thorough educational process. Patients meet with our nurse educator, myself and our patient coordinator to ensure they are well supported and guided through the surgical process. No question goes unanswered; I want our patients to feel fully confident in every decision. And our relationship doesn’t end after your procedure. My staff and I are committed to making sure that your aftercare is successful, your healing is smooth, and that you achieve the kind of results you were hoping for.

Credentials & Memberships

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BSc, McMaster University

MD, McMaster University

FRCSC, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Residency, Western University

Fellowship, University of Texas, Southwestern

Associate Professor, Western University

Chief of Plastic Surgery at the London Health Sciences Centre

Chairman of Plastic Surgery at Western University

Member, Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Member, Canadian Medical Association

Member, Ontario Medical Association

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