Meet Lexy Sabino

BSc (Hons) Life Sciences, BScN

As an Aesthetic Nurse, Lexy offers neurotoxin, filler, and laser treatments. She also assists our surgeons and cares for our patients along their surgical journey. If you encounter Lexy during your procedure, you’ll experience her passion for helping patients put their best selves forward.

You’ll likely also experience Lexy’s keen eye, attention to detail, and creativity. That’s because, at the end of the day when she puts down her syringe and cool compress, Lexy picks up a paintbrush. Her artistic spirit enables her to see the possibilities in blank canvases and create beauty. This ability extends beyond her paints to her aesthetic tools of the trade, where she still strives to achieve the most captivating, inspiring result.

Lexy also has a unique ability to understand the scientific nature of our practice and communicate it in a comprehensive way. These abilities have made her a valuable member of our education team, where she developed creative materials to educate patients and our internal course curriculum. She also manages the production of our Beyond the Scalpel Podcast and has led a few of our digital marketing initiatives, including managing our social platforms.