Meet Nadine Sabino


Nadine Sabino, RN, brings a blend of nursing and aesthetic experience to our clinic. As the Yazdani Aesthetic surgical nurse educator and laser expert, she is involved in the care of all surgical patients. Nadine educates patients about their surgery, reviews their post-operative course and helps manage their nursing needs. She spends time with them before surgery, answers all their questions and is available for telephone calls and in office nursing visits. Nadine is invaluable in the care of our patients.

Nadine Sabino

Since 2008, Nadine’s nursing experience has included caring for patients with multi-system traumas, pre- and post-operative care for orthopedic/spinal patients, and over a decade working in the operating room. If you are a surgical patient, you will get to know Nadine well; she will answer all your questions and support you through all steps of your journey, before and after surgery.

Nadine actively dedicates her time to educating both patients and other health care providers. She previously taught the BScN program for first-year nursing students at Western University. Currently, she is a national trainer for Cynosure, actively working to educate providers across the country on energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. Her exceptional performance earned her the Cynosure Customer Excellence Award in 2019, a well-deserved acknowledgement of her dedication to excellence in teaching and education.

“I love working with surgical patients. For so many it’s truly a life-changing experience. As the surgical nurse educator I am dedicated to providing the most compassionate and professional nursing care possible for each and every Yazdani Aesthetics patient. I take pride in educating them on all aspects of their surgical journey and love that I can be a part of it, supporting them every step of the way.”

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