Meet Whitney Eansor


Whitney Eansor, RN brings a diverse set of skills to our team, combining experience in nursing, leadership, and risk assessment. She is actively involved in our patients’ surgical care. As a surgical nurse educator, Whitney guides and prepares patients for their surgery, reviews their post-operative course and helps manage their nursing needs. She spends time with patients before surgery, answering all their questions or concerns, and is available for telephone calls and in-office nursing visits.

Whitney Eansor

Whitney began nursing in 2009 helping patients with their surgical recovery process. Upon completing her clinical rotation in the post anesthesia care unit (PACU) she worked in vascular surgery at London Health Sciences Centre.

Following the completion of her post graduate education, Whitney helped open Canada’s first Rapid Access Clinic, where patients with troubling skin concerns could receive a professional diagnosis with timely treatment. Here she specialized in dermatological care, taking a comprehensive and clinical approach to cosmetic concerns with emphasis on long term overall health of patients’ skin. She assisted in the treatment of skin cancer, melanoma, moles, psoriasis, dermatitis and cysts.

Whitney has received a certificate from Harvard Business School in economics, financial accounting and data analytics. Beyond our clinic doors, she is actively involved in medical risk assessment within the insurance world, assessing medical lifestyle and financial perspective.

She is passionate about holistic living and using a variety of treatment modalities to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. Her approach to care at our clinic is the same. She aims to provide her patients with a customized treatment plan to achieve their aesthetic goals.

My Approach

“I love getting to know my patients to truly understand their areas of concern and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help them achieve their definition of success. Seeing patients develop confidence and enhance their natural beauty is truly a rewarding experience.”