We’ve all seen the magazine feature “Stars – They’re Just Like Us!”. Yes, celebrities can pump their own gas, go for a bike ride or eat a salad while walking like the rest of us mortals. But there is a reason these photos and their captions resonate with so many of us. Seeing the icons we know and love face some of the same challenges–and banal, everyday experiences–as we do, is comforting.

Fame and following can also translate to power and influence. This can have a positive impact, especially when celebrities use their platform to educate, advocate, and encourage open conversations about difficult subjects. Plastic surgery and minimally invasive procedures are often considered taboo topics, but they don’t need to be! We are huge supporters of open discussion and education about medical aesthetics, and we are thrilled to see some of our favourite celebrities doing just that; especially with one of our favourite non-surgical body contouring devices.

Our EMSCULPT device is a minimally invasive treatment for strengthening muscles and toning body contours. Here are a few celebrities who love this technology as much as we do! 

Drew Barrymore, an actress known for her commitment to health and wellness, and for empowering others to be their most confident selves, is a huge advocate for EMSCULPT. “When women have kids, nobody talks about how broken the body is,” Barrymore explains, “and you’re trying to get back to where you were but you’ll never be in the same place… Me as a mother who couldn’t put her body back together the right way; that was why I did it.” 

In her interview with BTL Aesthetics she elaborates on how EMSCULPT gave her the kickstart needed to maintain a fitness routine, helping build a foundational core strength so that she could participate in the activities she loves.

The great thing aboutEMSCULPT is that the benefits of the procedure are not limited to aesthetic appearance. Following treatment, the body responds by remodelling the inner structure of the muscle. This can help enlarge the muscle fibres you currently have, and grow new muscle fibres, so that you feel stronger and more powerful.

For this reason, EMSCULPT can be a great option to use in tandem with normal athletic training to level up your fitness goals. In fact, there are actually a number of professional athletes who have voiced their admiration for the technology, including NFL great Rob Gronkowski, and World Cup soccer champions Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. Whether an extra strength boost to push performance to the next level, or a bonus for promoting body confidence, even professional athletes can use a little help. 

The best part about it? The procedure only takes 30 minutes and is virtually painless. In Kim Kardashain’s words, “it feels like you’re doing stomach crunches, but you’re not!” as she demonstrated the effortless treatment on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This makes it a great option for the busy patient looking to amp up their muscle strength and tone with limited time to dedicate.

This treatment is so individualized, especially in terms of what the goals of the therapy are. The desired outcomes and reasons for pursuing treatment will be unique for each patient, but there is a common theme connecting all of them: a desire for improved confidence. Your reason for experiencing EMSCULPT may differ from the person next to you, but whatever your goals, our team is here to help you achieve them. 

Erica Luke, B.Sc.N