Clitoral Hood Revision

The clitoral hood is the skin overlying the clitoris. While it plays a vital role in protecting the clitoris from over-stimulation, desensitization or pain, if enlarged it can lead to various problems with confidence, discomfort or intimacy. Some women may have difficulty experiencing orgasm due to an enlarged clitoral hood. Others may find the excess tissue bothersome and uncomfortable during sex or when wearing certain types of clothing. Clitoral hood revisions at Yazdani Aesthetics aim to address concerns like these to help restore confidence and comfort.

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How Clitoral Hood Revision Works

A clitoral hood revision is a simple procedure that reduces the amount of skin overlying the clitoris. This procedure can be both aesthetic and therapeutic, helping to refine the appearance of the vulva and also addressing concerns of discomfort or sexual function. The reduction in the clitoral hood size can help with irritation due to friction or rubbing against the enlarged clitoral hood and also can result in greater exposure of the glans of the clitoris for the improvement of sexual functioning.

This procedure is performed with precision to accomplish your desired appearance while maintaining or restoring function. We often perform clitoral hood revision procedures in combination with labiaplasty to produce a more overall symmetrical look.

Surgery length

1-1.5 hours





Side effects

Swelling, Bleeding, Pain, Numbness


Bleeding, Infection, Hematoma, Anesthetic Reaction


1-2 weeks

Final appearance

6-8 weeks

After-Care Guide

Download the "Clitoral Hood Revision After Surgery Care" guide:

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