Labiaplasty in London Ontario

Many women are reluctant to talk about feelings of discomfort or unhappiness when it comes to the appearance of intimate areas such as the labia. Natural changes in life such as aging and childbirth can alter the aesthetic look and feel of these areas and may impair comfort and confidence. Women who are seeking to alter the appearance or feel of their labia may be optimal candidates for aesthetic gynecologic surgical procedures such as labiaplasty.

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Labiaplasty Procedures

Labia Minora Plasty is the surgical alteration of the inner lips of the vaginal opening. Women who have difficulty playing sports due to restrictive garments or who wish to wear certain types of clothing may wish to undergo labiaplasty to make the labia minora smaller. Others may experience difficulty during sex because of enlarged labia and wish to be more comfortable with a partner. Labia Minora Plasty aims to reduce the size and perfect the shape of the inner lips as well as correct for any darker pigmentation.  Whatever the reason, every woman deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful in her most intimate area.

Labiaplasty is the surgical alteration of the outer lips of the vulva. The labia majora may lose volume with aging, childbirth or weight loss resulting in sagging skin and a wrinkled appearance. A simple procedure can help lift the skin, reducing the look of laxity and restoring comfort and confidence.

Surgery length

1-1.5 hours





Side effects

Swelling, Bleeding, Pain, Numbness


Bleeding, Infection, Hematoma, Anesthetic Reaction


1-2 weeks

Final appearance

6-8 weeks

After-Care Guide

Download the "Labiaplasty After Surgery Care" guide:

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