Vaginal Tightening

Many women experience loosening of the vagina as a result of stretched tissues and separated muscles following childbirth. Despite pelvic floor strengthening exercises, laxity may persist and impede sexual enjoyment and affect self-confidence. Vaginal tightening is a great option for those looking to repair and reconstruct the muscle and tissue surrounding the vagina.

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How Vaginal Tightening Works

Surgical procedures for vaginal tightening can accomplish great results with minimal downtime and maximal benefit. This procedure helps correct for loosening by reconstructing the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus), and removing excess vaginal mucosa. This results in a narrower diameter of the vagina and vaginal opening. Dr. Lovett uses the single thread vaginal tightening technique resulting in less post operative pain and faster healing overall.

Surgery length

1.5 hours





Side effects

Bleeding, Pain, Swelling


Bleeding, Infection, Anesthesia Reaction, Numbness


1-2 weeks

Final appearance

6-8 weeks

After-Care Guide

Download the "Vaginal Tightening After Surgery Care" guide:

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