Vulvar Dermal Fillers

The labia majora, the outer lips of the vagina, are an important anatomical structure for women. They protect the vagina and act as an anatomical cushion during intercourse. With time and childbirth, the labia majora can become deflated, losing volume and causing a wrinkled appearance to the outer skin. Local injection of hyaluronic acid fillers can achieve a fuller look and feel to the outer lips. This plumping effect will last 8-10 months. We can also use fillers in combination with bleaching or laser resurfacing of the labia majora to obtain an aesthetic benefit.

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Vulvar Dermal Filler Pre- and Post- Treatment Instructions

Before Your Treatment

  • Ideally, remove all hair from the vulva; laser or shaving is best. Avoid depilatory creams.
  • You may take a pain medication (Advil or Tylenol) prior to your arrival. A local anesthetic will be applied to the treatment area.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. AVOID wearing a thong.
  • If you are on your period your treatment will have to be rescheduled.

After Your Treatment

  • AVOID intercourse for 48 hours following treatment.
  • You may experience mild spotting or bleeding.
  • You may resume sports activities and sex 3-4 days following treatment.
  • Final results may take more than 6 weeks to appear.

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