Art and Anatomy – both are important when treating patients. Being knowledgeable in both areas allows our injectors to achieve the best aesthetic results while maintaining patient safety as a priority of treatment.⁠

A brief diagram of the anatomy of the lips.

When most people consider lip enhancement procedures, plumping is the only thing that comes to mind. While restoring volume to the lips is a common goal, when we actually look at the anatomy of the lips, there are many more features that can be altered using injection treatments:

Some individuals have concerns regarding the lack of definition between their lips and the surrounding skin, as this can cause lips to appear smaller and less prominent. With injectables, we can create a more defined shape by accentuating the vermillion border, enhancing the division between the red of your lips and the surrounding skin. ⁠

With ageing, the oral commissures tend to sag downwards contributing to an overall droopy look of the lips and lower facial area. These oral commissures can be raised to improve a tired, sad, or aged appearance.⁠

Lip texture can be smoothed to reduce the appearance of “lipstick lines.”⁠

Along the top border of the upper lip, the cupid’s bow can be defined to make the lips pop.⁠

Concerns regarding asymmetry of the top versus bottom lip, or one side of the face versus another can be corrected for using precise injection placement.

And much more! 

Ryan Lachance, BScN