Non-Surgical Procedures

Today, there are more non-surgical aesthetic choices than ever before. From injections like Botox and dermal filler to lasers that treat pigmentation, acne, hair and tattoos—we do it. And good skin care is at the heart of it all. Learn more about our non-surgical aesthetic services here.


At Yazdani Aesthetics, our professional nurse injectors have mastered both the art and science of injectable treatments. With expert training and years of experience, they perform with precision and care to deliver the best aesthetic results. Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve had injections for years, our team will ensure you are entirely comfortable with any treatment you choose.

Laser Treatments

Whether you are looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, remove hair, or address issues with your skin, we offer an array of laser treatments to help attain your aesthetic goals. We have carefully selected lasers that we believe are the best in the industry to deliver safe and effective results to our patients.

Skin Care

A proper skincare routine is at the heart of achieving a youthful appearance. Physician-directed skincare establishes a personalized treatment plan to address skin concerns such as facial ageing, chronic sun damage, acne and acne scarring, rosacea, and dry skin. It enables you to take advantage of medical-grade skin care products and services such as luxury facials and chemical peels. Our skin therapist will carefully analyze your skin and ensure you receive the right services for your unique needs.

Body Treatments

Our non-surgical treatments extend beyond the face to address aesthetic concerns of the body. From enhancement of your body’s contours through muscle toning and fat reduction to diminishing the appearance of spider veins, our expert providers and innovative technology are here to help you reach your desired results.

Our Devices

There are so many different device options on the market but they are not all created equal. When we choose medical devices for our practice, we conduct our own investigation and review of the products. We have hand-selected devices that we believe to be the best on the market, choosing only devices that have shown efficacy for treating specific conditions and ability to maintain patient safety.

Interested in plastic surgery procedures?

Learn more about the surgical procedures we offer at our clinic.