Aquagold BOTOX® Facial

Our Aquagold BOTOX® Facial gives skin a smooth finish and dewy glow with no downtime. Typically, a radiating glow will appear 12-24 hours after treatment and gradually fade over the course of two months.

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How Does the Aquagold BOTOX® Facial work?

Rather than injecting Botox deep into the facial muscles to smooth furrows, we use the Aquagold applicator to inject a specialized combination into a shallow depth of the skin. The injected combination of Botox, hyaluronic acid and vitamins is tailored to your unique skin needs. If you are looking to reduce pore size, fine lines and oil production, as well as increase hydration, this treatment may be for you.

About Our Aquagold BOTOX® Application Device

This treatment is performed using the AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ device, a microchannel microinjector. This tool offers the ability to effectively inject microdoses of therapeutics at a consistent depth of 0.6 mm, resulting in precise and reliable delivery of the substance to the area just under the dermis.

This clinical device features 20 microchannels with miniature spiral grooves which allows us to deliver microdoses at approximately 1,200 to 2,000 microinjections per minute. Treatment is essentially pain free, as each microchannel is thinner than a human hair, and it works effectively yet gently over even the most delicate facial areas.

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