Contour TRL™

Sciton’s Contour Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) is the world’s most sophisticated resurfacing technology.

From superficial laser peels to deep retexturing treatments, our providers use this 2490 nm erbium laser at a range of depths to address your specific skin texture concerns. Our Contour TRL™ technology allows independent control over ablation depth and thermal effects, allowing pure and efficient ablation without side effects or risks associated with thermal damage.

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Nano/Micro Laser Peel

Our Nano/Micro Laser Peel is a minimal downtime, light resurfacing treatment that helps to even out skin tone, texture and colour while restoring a healthy-looking, youthful glow to the skin. It removes a thin layer of damaged skin, working to eliminate mild and deep wrinkles and other texture concerns that result from photoaging.

How the Nano/Micro Laser Peel Works

The Nano/Micro Laser Peel’s beam is scanned over the treatment area to remove a very thin layer of the uppermost skin tissue, the stratum corneum. This helps eliminate some of the damaged cells, fine lines, scars, and sun damage to return your skin’s natural smoothness and lustrous glow. The peeling process stimulates the skin’s natural healing response, and as a result, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. Dramatic improvements in skin texture and light reflection promote results that you can both see and feel. This treatment is the perfect introductory procedure for patients interested in laser options.

Individualized Treatment

Our providers can personalize your procedure, adjusting the depth of treatment up to 50 microns depending on the severity of wrinkles. They can also add and adjust coagulation as an independent setting to promote improvements in skin turgor and elasticity.

Ultra-Short Downtime

Unlike chemical peels where the downtime is dependent on exposure time and consistency of chemical formulation, our Nano/Micro Laser Peel uses Sciton’s erbium technology and can be tuned independently. This means our providers can customize your treatment’s depth and coagulation to achieve the downtime that you desire. Our Nano/Micro Laser Peel can achieve velvety, soft skin and typically only requires 3-4 days of minor downtime.

Procedure Precision

Our providers are able to precisely control the depth of ablation from 4 to 10 microns deep, customizing your treatment based on your individual goals with treatment. The precise, uniform ablation achieved with our Nano/Micro Laser Peel can not be matched by chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments.

Full Field Erbium

Our Full Field Erbium Resurfacing laser treatment aims to eliminate severe wrinkles, pigmented lesions and other skin irregularities within the skin’s epidermis and dermis.

Powerful Resurfacing

We use a combination of Contour TRL™ and single spot handpieces to easily knock down wrinkle and lesion edges for an even, smooth result. This powerful combination of tools are the industry standard for addressing severe wrinkles around the mouth (perioral) and around the eye (periocular, such as crow’s feet).

Powerful Technology

Sciton’s erbium technology allows our providers to treat the skin without the side effects of added heat, reducing the impact and complication of thermal energy on healing and recovery. This procedure is a more aggressive treatment, and while it can address more significant texture concerns, it does come with a longer associated period of downtime.

About Sciton

Sciton provides advanced lasers and light sources for treating a variety of aesthetic concerns. Other Sciton devices we use at our clinic include the Halo and ProFractional lasers for skin resurfacing, and the BBL for a number of other skin concerns.

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