HydraFacial with LED Light Therapy

Depending on your skin goals, the use of LED lights in combination with your HydraFacial treatment may produce the best aesthetic results. LED light therapy is included in both our Deluxe Clarifying HydraFacial and Platinum HydraFacial, and can be added on to other facial procedures we offer at Yazdani Aesthetics.

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Red LED Lights

Red LED lights are commonly used in treatments to address ageing. Experts believe that red LED light acts on fibroblasts in the skin, the cells which play a role in the production of collagen. Since collagen helps the skin recover from injury or damage, the theory is that red LED light may work to reverse the effects of photoaging.

Blue LED Lights

Blue LED lights are most commonly used to treat acne and congested, oily skin. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands of the skin become inflamed or infected. It is thought that these lights work by reducing the activity in the sebaceous glands so that oil production is decreased, ultimately preventing oil from clogging hair follicles and leading to acne. It is also possible the blue LED light may kill Cutibacterium acnes, a bacteria that can cause acne.

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