Our HydraFacial System merges advanced medical technology with invigorating spa therapies to enhance skin health. Treatment with this system is commonly referred to as hydradermabrasion, because it involves microdermabrasion-like exfoliation complemented with hydrating serums.

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3 Steps to Glowing Skin

First your provider will use the device to cleanse and peel your skin’s surface layers. Gentle exfoliation and resurfacing uncovers a fresh, new layer of skin.

Second, painless extractions will be performed using the HydraFacial’s suction, removing debris from the pores for a deep clean. Simultaneously, the skin is nourished with intense, hydrating moisturizers.

Finally, your provider will saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your HydraFacial glow.

Completely Customizable

With HydraFacial we have the ability to tailor your treatments to best suit your individual needs. Various additional therapies can be incorporated into your procedure to target specific skin concerns and maximize your benefit from treatment, including boosters, serums, LED lights or lymphatic drainage.

HydraFacial LED Light Therapy

Depending on your skin goals, the use of LED lights in combination with your HydraFacial treatment may produce the best aesthetic results. We use red LED lights in treatments to address ageing and promote rejuvenation of the skin. Blue LED lights can be added to your HydraFacial to treat acne and congested, oily skin.

HydraFacial Lymphatic Therapy

Yazdani Aesthetics offers HydraFacial lymphatic therapy to optimize skin health. By encouraging detoxification through mechanical lymphatic therapy, skin can feel radiant from the inside out! Our HydraFacial device can be used to perform lymphatic drainage on the face, arms, abdomen, legs or back. We often perform lymphatic drainage on surgical patients to help reduce post-surgical swelling, enhancing comfort and supporting the healing process.

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