Plasma IQ

Our minimally invasive Plasma IQ device uses advanced energy based technology to renew and rejuvenate skin. By creating microbeams of plasma, the fourth and most abundant state of matter in the universe, our Plasma IQ provides focused energy to the treatment area.

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How Plasma IQ Works

Your provider will bring the device close to the skin surface where it will ionize Nitrogen particles in the air. This creates a plasma arc that looks like a spark and causes ablative micro injuries to the epidermis of the skin. This process stimulates the body’s natural healing response, promoting firming, tightening and smoothing effects. This skin renewal process helps to improve texture, rejuvenate the skin, and treat some skin lesions

Safe, Quick and Effective

The method of plasma sublimation whereby the epidermis of the skin is turned from a solid to a gas is highly targeted and controlled. Using extreme precision and controlled energy settings, our Plasma IQ device limits damage to the surrounding skin. This reduces your downtime following treatment, improves your healing, and minimizes the risk of side effects

About Suneva

Suneva Medical, maker of Plasma IQ, is an aesthetics company focused on regenerative aesthetic treatments. Suneva Medical also produces Silhouette Instalift™, a resorbable suture which we use for performing suture suspension and thread lift procedures.

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