Plasma IQ

Comprised of ions and electrons, plasma is the fourth and most abundant state of matter in the universe. Unlike solids, liquids or gases which exist in normal conditions on earth, plasma must be generated… and our Plasma IQ is generating and using it for your aesthetic benefit!

Our Plasma IQ treatment is a minimally invasive, ablative procedure that aims to rejuvenate and tighten skin, reducing the signs of aging. It addresses a variety of skin texture concerns, including the treatment of some skin lesions, skin tags, wrinkles, and more!

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How Does Plasma IQ Work?

The device is placed in close proximity to, but not in contact with the skin. As it approaches the skin’s surface, it ionizes atmospheric nitrogen gas particles in the air. This creates a plasma arc that looks like a spark and delivers heat energy to the upper layers of the skin. The plasma energy creates controlled, ablative micro wounds in the skin surface and the tissue immediately retracts, a concept called thermal necrosis. This removes the epidermis (thin outer layer of skin), and heats the underlying layer (dermis) to stimulate the growth of collagen. The treatment ultimately promotes and takes advantage of the firming, tightening and smoothing effects of the body’s natural healing response, revealing a youthful and rejuvenated glow.

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