Skin Consultation

Texture, tone, pigment, ethnicity, age; everyone’s skin is unique. This is why we recommend you meet with our Master Skin Therapist to create the best plan for accomplishing your skin goals.

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First, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your skin. Our Master Skin Therapist will assess discolouration, texture, scarring, acne, oil flow, hydration, and pore size among other skin attributes. She will then discuss the reason for your visit and ask you about the goals you have for your skin. With knowledge of your skin qualities and an understanding of the aesthetic results you desire, she will then propose various treatment options to address your concerns.

Education is a key part of the consultation process. Our Master Skin Therapist will explain each option that applies to you, so you have a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and realistic expectations of their benefits. This includes discussion about the overall experience of the treatment (such as comfort level while receiving it), length of the procedure, number of recommended treatments, results we can help you achieve, whether or not downtime is associated, expected cost, and more. Throughout the entire consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions; we want to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding to support making skin care decisions. She will also discuss the importance of at home skincare and may recommend appropriate products for you to use and how to use them

After this educational and explanatory portion of the consultation, you and our Master Skin Therapist will work together to devise a detailed treatment plan to best approach your skin concerns. Once decided, and you are ready, you can begin the journey to the skin you desire!

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