Thread Lifting

As we age, many of us experience a loss of volume in our faces which can lead to thin, loose, sagging skin. For those looking to lift this skin, thread lifting can be a wonderful non-surgical treatment option.

Thread lifting utilizes absorbable sutures to lift areas of concern and hold the skin in position. These sutures are safe and similar to those used in cardiothoracic surgeries. Within 4-6 months your skin will fully absorb the sutures leaving you without any scar tissue.

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How Does Thread Lifting Work?

The process of thread lifting creates a selective inflammatory response, a principle seen in many other aesthetic procedures such as lasers, microneedling and chemical peels. When the threads are inserted, they promote a controlled healing environment that naturally creates new collagen.

Threads can be inserted in a variety of patterns to address specific issues. Overall, they can help rebuild your skin tone and lift specific areas of the face restoring the appearance of youth. Thread lifting can be done in every area of the face, and is especially effective in the neck, jawline & jowls, eyes, cheeks and brow areas.

What Can I Expect to Experience During The Procedure?

At Yazdani Aesthetics, thread-lifting procedures take 45 minutes – 1 hour. An anaesthetic will be applied to the face and areas of concern, then the threads will be inserted using needles. Other patients have described the procedure to feel similar to other cosmetic injectable treatments such as dermal filler.

Results from this procedure can be seen immediately and tend to get better over time. There is minimal downtime following treatment.

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