Plastic Surgery

We provide a wide range of facial, breast, and body cosmetic surgery procedures to help you achieve the confidence and satisfaction you want. Find out more about the aesthetic procedures we perform below.

Facial Procedures

Facial rejuvenation treatments are meant to make you look youthful, confident, and well-rested—not like a different person. It usually begins with skincare, but we also offer the full complement of non-invasive treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, volume addition, and Botox®, as well as surgical techniques that minimize scarring and keep recovery time to a minimum.

From brows to neck and everything in between, our surgical procedures can improve and enhance your facial features, reducing signs of ageing, asymmetry, or any other concerns standing in the way of your confidence.

Breast Procedures

We understand that breast surgery requires you to make emotional decisions about an integral aspect of your identity. Your current stage of life will heavily influence the type of surgery most suitable for you.

Breast surgery is a large part of our practice. We have served a wide variety of patients and completed close to a thousand breast procedures. We can help if you are hoping to restore breast volume that you have lost through pregnancy or breastfeeding, seeking a breast reduction, or are considering surgery for aesthetic reasons. We offer the qualified expertise, surgical precision, and careful postoperative scar therapy that you can trust.

Body Contouring Procedures

At Yazdani Plastic Surgery, we understand the many paths that might lead someone to contemplate body contouring procedures. From pregnancy to massive weight loss, various life experiences may leave significant and lasting effects on your body. Body contouring surgery helps restore your body to its natural state by returning your skin and soft tissue architecture to their original conditions. We do this by re-draping your skin, repositioning your muscles, and placing scars in natural creases that make them less noticeable.

Surgical Scar Treatment

For many, the decision to undergo aesthetic surgery is a difficult one, and the residual scarring that may result from a procedure is a concern for many seeking treatment. At Yazdani Aesthetics, we offer numerous strategies to help promote your recovery, treat surgical scars, and prevent further development of scars.

Interested in non-surgical procedures?

Learn more about the aesthetic non-surgical procedures we offer at our clinic.