360° Contouring

At Yazdani Aesthetics we offer a variety of surgical options for those looking to enhance their overall body figure.

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How 360° Contouring Works

The 360° Contouring surgical procedure is ideal for patients who have experienced weight fluctuations, or are concerned about stretched skin around the anterior or posterior abdomen as a result of their fluctuating weight. For these patients, just dealing with the anterior abdomen is not enough to adequately contour the trunk, as there is loose skin and fat that extend around the entire abdomen.

For the best aesthetic results and a total enhancement of the trunk, we address the extra skin and fat on the front as well as both sides  This is done with a variety of techniques and will slightly differ for each patient’s unique needs. 360° Contouring can involve skin removal on both the front and back, a procedure commonly known as a circumferential abdominoplasty or total body lift. We also offer a combination of circumferential abdominoplasty and liposuction of the back and sides. Ultimately, the goal of this surgical procedure is to reshape the entire trunk, including the anterior abdomen, the flanks, and the posterior abdomen.

Before & After

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Surgery length

5-6 hours






Scarring, Infection, Skin Necrosis, Skin Numbness, Seroma


2-4 weeks

Final appearance

3-6 months

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