360° Body Sculpting

At Yazdani Aesthetics we offer a variety of surgical options for those looking to enhance their overall body figure.

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Yazdani Aesthetics offers a surgical sculpting procedure that can help address the stubborn fat deposits that consequently lead to a lack of definition. Many people live healthy lifestyles, feel fit and have maintained an ideal body weight, yet still struggle with regions of fat they can’t lose. This leads to a less defined shape of the anterior and posterior abdomen and flanks.

With high-definition sculpting, fat is removed from certain areas and can be left or grafted (transplanted) to others. At our clinic, we perform high-definition liposculpting using VASER technology. This gentle ultrasound technology allows the ability to remove fat without harming normal tissue, ultimately giving better results with a faster recovery.

Surgery length

3-5 hours






Bruising, Burns, Contour Irregularities, Numbness, Skin Necrosis


1-2 weeks

Final appearance

3-6 months

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