Breast Implant Exchange and Capsulectomy

Breast implant surgery has been one of the most common plastic surgery operations performed over the past 40 years. With this in mind, many women who have had this surgery will be ready for or needing revision surgery. Reasons for revision vary; some may wish to address breast capsules (scar tissue), pain, breast implant malposition, or implant rupture.

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A breast capsulectomy refers to the surgical removal of internal scar tissue. This procedure can help to remove abnormal scarring, especially those which are tight or painful.

This revision surgery can be altered based on the individual’s personal aesthetic goals. The procedure can be combined with an implant exchange if the patient wishes to keep her breast size with an implant, or with a mastopexy if the individual does not wish to have implants anymore.

Before & After

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Surgery length

2-3 hours






Scarring, Infection, Numbness of Skin or Nipple Complex, Skin or Nipple Necrosis, Size Changes, Shape Changes.


1-2 weeks

Final appearance

3 months

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