Fat Transfer to Breast

We can perform breast augmentation using implants or fat. Fat transfer for augmentation is a surgical technique that has gained popularity over the past few years.

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How Fat Transfer to Breast Works

We use fat collected from parts of the abdomen through liposuction for this procedure, effectively contouring both the abdomen and chest. We then inject this fat throughout the breast tissue, inflating the entire breast with volume. This natural way of supplementing breast tissue leaves the breasts with a soft and normal look and feel. Beyond augmentation, this technique can also naturally correct mild degrees of breast droop as well.

The benefits of using fat include the fact that it is a natural and permanent way to augment the breasts and does not require any future surgery. This procedure avoids the long-term complications that are possible with implants, namely, capsular contracture or implant rupture. The drawback of using fat is that the injected fat has to survive in the breast, and not all of it will. How much fat will survive by the one-year post-operative mark is completely variable and individual, however, typically results are between 50-80% of the injected fat will survive. Because of this, we always over-inject more fat than what we think will ultimately survive.

Before & After

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Surgery length

3-4 hours






Scarring, Infection, Size Changes, Shape Changes, Fat Necrosis or Loss of Volume.


1-2 weeks

Final appearance

6-12 months

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