In my opinion, perfect lips are the ones that make you feel confident. Fine or full, lipstick-covered or bare, glossy or matte, rounded or defined shape…no matter what choice you make with your lips, confidence and satisfaction are much more important goals to strive for.

Model in this photo is wearing our Radford Plumping Gloss (Crystal) which is available in our online shop.

Should you wish to aesthetically enhance your lips to inspire this confidence, it is important to pursue treatment with a provider that will learn and understand your personal goals, and treat you accordingly. When you are choosing an injector for your lip fillers it is a good idea to look into how the provider treats patients and what their philosophies are. 

Sometimes injectors work with the aim of producing a similar result with each patient, and because of this they are able to achieve a signature look for which they are well-known. Should this signature look match the aesthetic enhancement you are looking for, and they are not sacrificing patient safety in order to achieve it, their consistency in treatment and expertise with a particular technique could be valuable for what you want.

Other injectors may perform injections with an individual approach to treatment. These providers work with precision and a tactical placement in order to enhance the lips while maintaining balance with other facial features. With moderate use of therapeutics and working with the patient’s natural shape and features, this treatment is more likely to inspire subtle and natural-appearing results.

Whether it is a trend, influencer, or even your provider, you should never feel pressured into aesthetic decisions. If you’ve done your research and are still feeling a little lost, a consultation with a qualified nurse injector may be the best way to inform you and guide your decision making.

Ryan Lachance, BScN