Binge-watching your favourite series, decluttering your closets, creating TikTok videos, trying out a new recipe…all are great ideas to keep busy during a lockdown. At-home chemical peels? Not so great of an idea. This trend seems to be on the rise and it’s concerning. 

We’re all missing our favourite in-person aesthetics treatments. Whether it’s a mani-pedi, Botox or a facial, we can’t wait until we’re able to resume these services. Like us, aesthetic providers are getting creative in an attempt to get you through this lockdown and keep you looking your best at home. But there are certain procedures that deserve some caution. 

Why might attempting a chemical peel at home be an issue?

You would never consider doing your own Botox at home! Likewise, many facials and peels should stay in the hands of a professional, too. When it comes to chemical peels, it is important to remember that these enzymes and acids are medical-grade quality and strength, and are much more potent than over the counter products or something you might find at Sephora. They require extensive training to be able to use them. Professionals must have a thorough understanding of how these substances work, who qualifies as a candidate for treatment, how to properly apply them and more. The risks of improper use can be harmful and even dangerous. There is risk of burning the skin, breakouts, rash, dark spots (hyperpigmentation), light spots (hypopigmentation), and swelling. The risk of infection is a serious concern for those who are attempting at-home chemical peels. In a professional facility, the provider administering the peel treatment takes a number of steps to ensure a hygienic environment. The protocols for giving a peel are also designed and followed meticulously to prevent infection.

While attempting a do-it-yourself professional treatment may not be wise, there are a number of medical-grade skincare products that replicate peel-like results and are safe to use at home. Our clinic is currently offering the opportunity to schedule a free virtual consultation with me. As a Master Skin Therapist, I am an experienced and professionally trained aesthetician who can assess your concerns and advise you on products best suited for you. You can book your consultation using the contact form on this website or directly from our online shop.

Melissa Rossi, Master Skin Therapist