When it comes to breast augmentation procedures, there is more than one option for the incision that is made. The most common incision (scar) options for augmentation include the breast fold, around the lower half of the areola, and the axilla (underarm). This photo demonstrates a patient of mine after breast augmentation with a scar through the infra-mammary fold (under the fold of the breast).

Patient who has had breast augmentation surgery with an incision made through the infra-mammary fold. *All before and after images are real results from our actual patients. Photos are shared with patient consent.*⁠

There are risks and benefits to each choice and we spend a lot of time discussing these with our patients. The scar in the breast fold is the most popular and hides under the breast when the implant settles in place. It also has a lower risk of forming capsules around the implants long term. The scar around the areola can hide nicely in some patients with a larger areola, but in others, the scar can be visible. This incision also has a slightly higher risk of forming scar tissue around the implant. The scar in the underarm keeps the scar away from the breast for women who desire no scars on their chest. In women who like to expose their shoulders and arms, however, that can be an issue as the scar is in the underarm and can be visible in certain clothes or swimsuit styles when you raise your arms.

Ultimately the choice is up to each patient. As with most things I do, there is no right or wrong decision, but each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Dr. Arjang Yazdani, MD, FRCSC