Birthmarks are common and come in all different colours, shapes, and sizes. While some people celebrate these unique markings, others would rather they be removed.

Oculodermal melanocytosis, more commonly known as Nevus of Ota, is a rare type of birthmark that typically affects individuals of Asian ethnicity. It consists of hyperpigmentation around the eye and surrounding area, and typically presents as scattered patches of blueish or brownish colour. Some individuals experience further development of size and darkness as they age, or with exposure to the sun.

This condition can be difficult to treat as the pigment can be quite stubborn. Typically, any treatments for Nevus of Ota involve the use of light energy, such as a laser, that has wavelengths that can target the colours of pigment present in the skin.

Results for treatment of Nevus of Ota using the PicoSure laser. 
*All before and after images are real results from our actual patients. Photos are shared with patient consent.*⁠

The photo here demonstrates a patient who has seen great improvement following treatment with our PicoSure laser. The pigmentation has been considerably lightened and the patient is happy with the improvement.⁠⠀

Nadine Sabino, BScN