You look in the mirror and begin to notice some darker spots appearing. And when did those lines become so prominent? You decide it’s time to invest in your skin, but who do you turn to?

With so much information at your fingertips, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Let me tell you why the only professional you should be seeing for your skin is a Skin Therapist.

Skin Therapists are thoroughly trained aestheticians who practice with a specialized focus on the skin. The foundation of their education is based on skin anatomy and physiology. They can recognize various skin conditions and understand how to select and apply therapeutic products and treatments in order to best resolve any concerns. Their extensive training on these treatments and techniques not only allows them to help improve the health of your skin, but it also ensures that your safety is maintained throughout each step. Skin Therapists are authorized to conduct a skin analysis and help you establish a course of treatment and good skincare plan. A good Skin Therapist never thinks they know all there is to know. They continue to invest in their education to ensure they are fully up to date on all the latest science and technology in skincare treatments, ingredients and products.

Of course, there are some limits to what a Skin Therapist can do and at times you may be referred to a Dermatologist for medical reasons, such as skin dermatitis, moles, or to be prescribed a skin medication. An experienced Skin Therapist knows their limits and should be able to recognize these skin abnormalities or conditions and direct you to a medical professional who can assist.

Skin care is incredibly personal. Each person’s skin is unique and is affected by their genetics, climate, lifestyle choices and more. Therefore, a customized and personal approach to skincare is more likely to inspire the best results. Instead of turning to Instagram influencers or celebrities (who, by the way, know nothing about your skin and have never seen it), you should be receiving guidance from someone who will provide you personalized care rooted in scientific evidence. Remember there is a lot of misinformation out there about skincare. Since the skin is one of your largest organs, it should be in the hands of a trained professional who knows skin best. 

Melissa Rossi, Master Skin Therapist