If you’re like me, you find face and body hair to be extremely annoying (cue eye roll). If you’re looking for that smooth and silky feeling then I’m sure you have thought about laser hair removal to get rid of your hair for good!

Yes, it may seem pricey, but I assure you this cost is worth all the benefits you gain. You will save money in the long run, as you will reduce your spending on shaving products or hair maintenance treatments. Beyond the financial aspect, you will also save time, and who doesn’t need more time? 

Hair growth one day without shaving before any laser treatments (left) versus hair growth after two weeks without shaving following two laser hair removal treatments (right). *All before and after images are real results from our actual patients. Photos are shared with patient consent.*

If you have been considering laser hair removal but are seeking information before making your decision, look no further! This guide is meant to help inform you about the hair removal process. Here are answers to the questions I get asked most frequently:

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting pigment within the hair follicle. The laser energy heats the hair follicle up and damages it. It can either completely destroy it, or damage it enough to slow down the growth process. The process can take several treatments to acquire the best results.

Which body parts can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser can be performed almost anywhere you have hair. Typically, the best results are achieved for the legs, underarms and bikini because the hair tends to be coarser in those areas. Facial hair can be treated but can be a bit more challenging because hair is finer and hormones often come into play.

How many laser sessions will I need?

This depends on which area you are having treated, but usually between 5-10 treatments are required for the best results. Beyond your initial treatment, you may require maintenance treatments to upkeep the results once a year or so.

How often will I need treatments?

Typically, treatments should be performed every 4 weeks. As your hair starts to grow back slower, you can adjust the frequency of your treatments and instead come every 6 weeks in order to match the growth cycle of your hair.

What should I do before my laser treatment to prepare?

The hair should be shaved prior to your appointment. This is important, otherwise less energy will get to the root of the hair follicle and you won’t achieve the best possible result.

Is there anything I should avoid before and after my treatment?

Yes, avoid UV exposure. This can increase your risk of being burnt or experiencing unwanted pigmentation. Do not wax or pluck in between sessions–this will remove the hair fully and there will be nothing for the laser to target.

There are different types of laser hair removal devices, which work best?

We offer the gold standard in laser hair removal: the Vectus by Cynosure, which is a diode laser. There are a lot of lasers on the market but most devices that emit light also heat up, consequently causing damage or discomfort. The Vectus is designed with sapphire tips that help to shed the heat quickly and focus the light only at the roots of the hair, leaving your skin cool and comfortable.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Our Vectus laser uses contact cooling to ensure your hair removal experience is as pain free and comfortable as possible. As the strength of the device increases with treatments, you may experience a matching but subtle increase in pain.

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Melissa Rossi, Master Skin Therapist